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Kolkata is all set to find their Next Nandini

by Aritra Singha
May 2, 2017 | Kolkata

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.” - Next Nandini is all about grooming an individual so that one can deliver the best version of herself from both on the inside and out. Keeping that in mind, the 4th Edition of the most awaited beauty pageant ‘Next Nandini’ was announced today at Astor, Kolkata by renowned Tollywood Actor - Abir Chatterjee, Actor - Vikram Chatterjee along with Station Director of 94.3 Radio One Kolkata - Eathesham Azam. It was followed by the unveiling of the brand new logo for this year’s Next Nandini.

The event was also attended by the former Nandinis who shared their previous year’s journey. Actor Abir Chatterjee shared his alliance with the Next Nandini team and introduced actor Vikram Chatterjee who got associated with this popular pageant this year.

Next Nandini 2017

Speaking on the occasion Eathesham Azam, Station Director of 94.3 Radio One Kolkata, “Each year Next Nandini has received tremendous love and support from everyone. Like every year, we hope that we are able to find someone who excels in all categories. The concept of NEXT NANDINI - 94.3 Radio One’s most pristine in-house campaign. The concept Nandini was developed from the epic Bengali song which was a rage in its time. NEXT NANDINI is our hunt for woman of existence in different categories with different titles. The contest incorporates personality, intelligence, talent and answer to judges on which each contestant gets qualified.”

Next Nandini 2017

During the conference various characteristics for being the ‘Next Nandini’ was highlighted, which were as follows –
• Nandini symbolizes every girl or woman who is beautiful.
• Nandini is not someone who is only stylish but responsible too.
• It is the beauty pageant that represents not only teenagers but also working housewives who are modern and knows the right value of life.
• It focuses on different categories of beauty which includes – Smile, hair, Skin , Personality, fitness, Chefina, confidence, Women of Substance, Grace and Next Nandini
With an aim to discover individuals who have a positive approach towards life with special focus on passion and creativity - Next Nandini is a pageant that every year witnesses the participation of teenagers as well as housewives and working women from different walks of life from Kolkata.

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